The Medway IDB’s are uniquely equipped to make a vital contribution to the conservation and biodiversity within the Medway catchment, whether its on the North Kent Marshes or the tributaries of the River Medway, Teise, Beult or Eden.

Appropriate water level management maximises the opportunity for important species of plants and animals to thrive.

ADA (in collaboration with Natural England) produced The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual to which many of the Boards methods for maintaining streams and rivers are listed.

To see the Boards’ Biodiversity Action Plan click the icon below.

Over the last few years the Boards have been involved in specialist projects working with RSPB, Natural England, Environment Agency, Kent Wildlife Trust, and the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership. In future special projects will be listed on this webpage so the public can see examples of the good work the IDB does to promote and encourage Biodiversity.

In addition to conservation focus as a standard with our maintenance, the Boards are also part of several Water Level Management Plans (WLMP). These set out strategic water levels that aid in the management of biodiversity and water controls within sensitive areas such as Luddenham and Teynham Marshes. In partnership with land owners, local authorities, and the Environment Agency, the Boards hope to create a more sustainable future for our key wildlife and designated sites.